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Looking To Buy Quality? The 7 Most Reliable Carmakers

Looking To Buy Quality? The 7 Most Reliable Carmakers

Quality does mean reliability in the car world. With so many reliable car makers on the market, how do you chose the best one? While there are indicators as to how reliable a carmaker is, we have an article explaining the 7 most reliable ones 

The Right and Smart Way Of Buying A New Car

The Right and Smart Way Of Buying A New Car

For those of you looking to buy a new car, there is a smart and right way of doing it, and there is a dumb way of doing it. No doubt cars are essential for travel. While not everyone will own a car in their 

The 5 Car Mods Every Enthusiast Should Do

The 5 Car Mods Every Enthusiast Should Do

For every car enthusiast on the planet, there is a car mod to satisfy their needs for top performance. Nearly everyone that’s had a BWM series 3 has had the thought of updating the stock wheels with a set of slimmer, better-looking rims. While rims are some of the simplest mods to do, our list includes some truly fascinating modifications that every enthusiast should do. So let’s see what those are.

Flashing the ECU

The ECU is a system that manages a car’s engine. When it comes to top-performance modifications, flashing the ECU will allow you to yield greater engine power. Considering that the ECU is there to control various aspects of the engine such as fuel consumption and injection, spark times, and more, flashing the ECU might be the first mod to go for if you really love power.

When it comes to doing that, you won’t be able to do it on your own. You will likely have to take the car to a specialist that knows what they’re doing. If you integrate an access point, you can monitor how all these aspects perform while on the road. From monitoring data to easily accessing specific features, flashing the ECU with a new tune is exactly what every car enthusiast should do first.

A New Shifter

If you have an older model of a car you really like, this is one mod to always go for. A new shifter will bring back that feel-good feeling when shifting through gears. According to, only 1.3% of new manual gearbox models are sold in the US. As Americans are shifting (pun intended) to automatics, getting yourself a new shifter is exactly what the industry doesn’t want you to do.

Many drivers fell in love with the manual shifters as it allows them to easily control the car, feel the car, and it is generally more satisfying. But automatics are more feasible and more efficient. For older models with a manual transmission, it can feel quite jerky and sloppy at times. This isn’t anything new as the gearbox wears and tears through time.

So if you feel the shifter doesn’t feel as it used to, getting yourself a new one is exactly the mod to go for this year.

New Wheels And Tires

Plenty of people ask what’s the right and smart way to buy a car. Many would say the right way is to buy it with add-ons and extra equipment. But what if those add-ons aren’t up to your liking? No doubt wheels and tires are some of the easiest mods to go for – as explained earlier.

When it comes to performance on the road, wheels and tires absolutely make all the difference. If you’re a fan of any motorsport, then you know how important tires are for specific roads and conditions. As for wheels, there is a reasonable explanation why they’re so important. Apart from the fact that they will make you stand out on the road, a lightweight wheel can prevent the loss of power while driving.

Adding to the fact that this is one of the least expensive mods to go for, new wheels and tires should be on every car enthusiast’s bucket list.

Engine Mount

The engine is the heart of your car. Naturally, you want to keep it in the best possible shape. Since the engine has lots of moving parts, the best thing to do is to somehow keep it in place. While Subaru pioneered the engine mount for this specific reason, every car enthusiast can add an engine mount or pitch stop to prevent the engine from constantly moving back and forth.

An engine mount will not only secure the engine but will also deliver better throttle and torque. Since car mods are designed to improve the performance of your car, an engine mount is a no-brainer mod to go for.

Better Air Intake

Power is the motivation why people mod their cars. We mentioned that flashing the ECU will deliver greater power to your car. While some of you are aware that cold air intake can make the difference, you will need to implement a better system to do that. You won’t achieve the same results if you twig small things – you need to go big.

And to do that, getting a high-flow exhaust, upgrading to apart plugs, and combining these two mods with the flashed ECU will deliver better air intake thus achieving greater power gains.

The 3 Most Expensive Car Repairs To Look Out For

The 3 Most Expensive Car Repairs To Look Out For

We all dread the inevitable visit to the mechanic. What we can only hope is that things aren’t as bad as originally thought. But sadly, not everyone gets a slap on the wrist. Some car repairs are extremely expensive and not even worth doing. In 

What To Do If Your Car Breaks Down On the Road?

What To Do If Your Car Breaks Down On the Road?

No doubt a fear that everyone has is their car breaking down on the road. But the fear is even greater when that road is the highway. Highways are particularly dense in America. With the number of people driving cross-city to make it to work 

Having the Best Car Mechanic – 4 Tips For Choosing the Right One

Having the Best Car Mechanic – 4 Tips For Choosing the Right One

If you care for your car that much, then you need to pick the right mechanic when things turn south. A mechanic is a car enthusiast’s best friend. But it doesn’t mean that every mechanic will be a good friend to you or your car. So it’s even more important to know how to choose the right one. To do that, here are 4 tips to look out for.

Certification Matters

The automotive industry is huge. It is made out of hundreds of job titles, millions of employees, and billions in annual revenue. The number of car mechanics throughout the US is also pretty impressive. According to Statista, there are more than 234,676 auto repair centers throughout the United States.

With so many centers to choose from, how would you know which one is the right for you? A great place to start is by looking at their certifications. One of the certificates to look out for is the ASE. ASE-certified car mechanics have the necessary knowledge and skills of repairing vehicles. Not only that, but this certificate tells you that the mechanic has more than two years of experience on the job.

Apart from that, you can also look for certified mechanics by manufacturers. If you own a Ford, it will work in your best interest to look for Ford-certified car mechanics. By doing this, you will save lots of time and money. Going with a mechanic that knows how your car works is a blessing.

Reputation Matters

Owing a vehicle is a far more complicated matter than originally thought. You might’ve bought your first car and think that you’re done with research. But sadly, this isn’t true. Much like picking the right auto insurance provider, you need to do your research into the particular car mechanic.

When researching the mechanic, there are a few things to focus on. One of the more important ones is reputation. The reputation of the mechanic in terms of customer satisfaction can give you a good indication of how professional the mechanic is. To determine the reputation of a particular mechanic, you can use the internet as a helping hand. There are plenty of websites that specialize in giving customers the rundown of how reputable companies are.

Much like in any other service industry, the auto repair industry has ways to let customers know who to do business with. Angie’s List is probably the most commonplace to look for reviews and ratings on car mechanics in your area. But there is an even better way to acquire the necessary data. Yelp is a popular review platform where users can say what they think about a company or establishment.

By using these two platforms, you can get a better sense of the reputation of a particular car mechanic.

Look For Affiliations

The industry has its own way to protect clients from shady mechanics. One way is to give certain mechanics a rating that everyone can see. AAR is one of the affiliations to look for. AAR stands for Approved Auto Repair. A golden-star or AAA-AAR is a good sign that the particular mechanic or shop offers high-quality services. Not only that but the mechanic or shop will lose the AAA rating if they do not provide you with reliable and high-quality service.

So it works in everyone’s interest to go with an AAA-rated mechanic.

Ask For Proof Of Repairs

Let’s be real for a second. Shady mechanics exist and will always exist. They’re constantly looking for uneducated drivers in hopes to score a few extra bucks. These mechanics will usually recommend an expected repair and hassle you over the importance of it. You’ve probably heard plenty of auto mechanic horror stories or have probably read a few of them online.

While they aren’t common, they can happen to anyone who isn’t careful. When a car mechanic recommends a repair, ask them to show proof before they get to work. Not only that, but ask them to explain the problem and what harm can it do. When it comes to picking the best car mechanic, you have to go with one that you can fully trust. While trust takes time to build, you can see how trustworthy your mechanic is by explaining and showing the problem to you.

If they’re uncooperative or refuse to explain the problem, then that’s a sign of an untrustworthy mechanic. Stay away from them as all they’ll do is go after your hard-earned money.

3 Tips That Help You Pick the Right Auto Insurance Provider

3 Tips That Help You Pick the Right Auto Insurance Provider

When buying a car, you’re obligated to also get it insured. But with all the auto insurance providers out there, picking the right one can be a difficult task. No doubt the internet is a place where you can educate yourself on how to do 

Struggling To Finance A New Car? Here Is What To Do

Struggling To Finance A New Car? Here Is What To Do

If you’re having a hard time financing a new car, there are tons of things to do. New cars cost a lot more than used ones. Thus, before you even think about buying a new car, you should consider all options. Conveniently, used cars are 

Should You Buy A New Car Or A Used One?

Should You Buy A New Car Or A Used One?

A debate that constantly pops up among first-time car buyers is whether to buy new or used. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. In this article, we will lay out the facts that hopefully help you decide what to go for.

Cars have a functional purpose in our society. They take us from point A to point B safely and securely. We can also transport goods and use them to take care of daily routines such as shopping. While there is a growing trend of carless households in the US, there are a couple of notable exceptions that take all the attention. According to USA Today, New York City has the biggest percentage of carless households – more than 54%.

But when it comes to buying your first care, what is the better option to go for? Let’s find out.

Advantages Of Buying New

To determine what works best, we have to look at the key strengths of both options. So let’s start with the key advantages of buying a new car.


The biggest advantage, and one that takes the center of attention, is the fact that a new car is far more reliable. When buying new, you’re buying it straight from the factory. You can look at any reliability rating or report out there to make sure this is true. New cars have that new car smell, but they also have warranty protection. So if anything goes wrong in the first few years, you’ve got the warranty to bail you out. More so, when buying new, you know that you’re the first owner and the car has driven zero miles.


Another advantage to buying new has to do with innovation. As carmakers update their models, they do it by implementing the latest tech and gadgets to go along. You won’t find a used Ford Focus model from the 2000s with a 9-inch screen, parking assistance, and braking assistance features. But these aren’t all the new features you’ll find in a new Volkswagen Golf, a new Toyota Corolla, or a new Focus.

You ask plenty of first-time buyers and they will express their desires to buy a new car simply for the joy of trying out the latest tech that carmakers implement. One thing that we have to touch on when talking about features is safety improvements. Nowadays, safety has become a massive concern when on the road. So that’s why manufacturers are focusing on developing up-to-date safety features to compete with the rest of the industry.

When it comes to that, there is one company that blows everyone out of the water. Tesla isn’t only known for its advanced AI self-driving feature. As written in the Verge, Tesla Model Y is the safest car on the planet. The safety ratings on the Model Y are not only impressive but they can be compared with top-of-the-line SUVs.

Disadvantages Of Buying New

All is not rosy when buying a new car.


Price is a huge disadvantage when buying a new car. A trip to the local car dealership will most likely end up in disappointment if you’re struggling to finance a new car.

Quick Depreciation

Another disadvantage is the fact that the value of a car instantly goes down the moment you buy it. So if you’ve bought a new car for $20,000, expect the price to drop down by a lot the moment you park it in the garage for the first time.

Advantages Of Buying Used

Now, let’s look at the advantages of buying used.


If the price was a disadvantage when buying new, it is an advantage when buying old. Even if you’re looking to buy used but newer models, you will still get it much cheaper. It is said that a new car loses 20% of its value the moment you become a buyer. So even if you buy used but new, expect to pay 20% less than the original price.

Cheap Insurance

Another advantage when buying used is the fact that insurance coverage comes very cheap. Since insurance is required for every vehicle on the road, expect to find very affordable deals.

Disadvantages Of Buying Used

Now, let’s see why you shouldn’t buy a used car. As one might imagine, the disadvantages of buying used are far more serious than those when buying new.


You could very easily find a used car with low mileage, but most people sell off their cars due to high mileage. The more miles a car has driven, the lower the lifespan. It’s not particularly smart to buy a used car with 120,000 miles driven.


Buying used also means you’re far more likely to spend more money on maintenance. There is a saying that goes “buying an old BMW is like buying a ticking time bomb”. Some cars are not worth your money even if they’re cheap. In many cases, buying old means spending more money on maintenance than you can ever possibly imagine.