The 5 Car Mods Every Enthusiast Should Do

The 5 Car Mods Every Enthusiast Should Do

For every car enthusiast on the planet, there is a car mod to satisfy their needs for top performance. Nearly everyone that’s had a BWM series 3 has had the thought of updating the stock wheels with a set of slimmer, better-looking rims. While rims are some of the simplest mods to do, our list includes some truly fascinating modifications that every enthusiast should do. So let’s see what those are.

Flashing the ECU

The ECU is a system that manages a car’s engine. When it comes to top-performance modifications, flashing the ECU will allow you to yield greater engine power. Considering that the ECU is there to control various aspects of the engine such as fuel consumption and injection, spark times, and more, flashing the ECU might be the first mod to go for if you really love power.

When it comes to doing that, you won’t be able to do it on your own. You will likely have to take the car to a specialist that knows what they’re doing. If you integrate an access point, you can monitor how all these aspects perform while on the road. From monitoring data to easily accessing specific features, flashing the ECU with a new tune is exactly what every car enthusiast should do first.

A New Shifter

If you have an older model of a car you really like, this is one mod to always go for. A new shifter will bring back that feel-good feeling when shifting through gears. According to, only 1.3% of new manual gearbox models are sold in the US. As Americans are shifting (pun intended) to automatics, getting yourself a new shifter is exactly what the industry doesn’t want you to do.

Many drivers fell in love with the manual shifters as it allows them to easily control the car, feel the car, and it is generally more satisfying. But automatics are more feasible and more efficient. For older models with a manual transmission, it can feel quite jerky and sloppy at times. This isn’t anything new as the gearbox wears and tears through time.

So if you feel the shifter doesn’t feel as it used to, getting yourself a new one is exactly the mod to go for this year.

New Wheels And Tires

Plenty of people ask what’s the right and smart way to buy a car. Many would say the right way is to buy it with add-ons and extra equipment. But what if those add-ons aren’t up to your liking? No doubt wheels and tires are some of the easiest mods to go for – as explained earlier.

When it comes to performance on the road, wheels and tires absolutely make all the difference. If you’re a fan of any motorsport, then you know how important tires are for specific roads and conditions. As for wheels, there is a reasonable explanation why they’re so important. Apart from the fact that they will make you stand out on the road, a lightweight wheel can prevent the loss of power while driving.

Adding to the fact that this is one of the least expensive mods to go for, new wheels and tires should be on every car enthusiast’s bucket list.

Engine Mount

The engine is the heart of your car. Naturally, you want to keep it in the best possible shape. Since the engine has lots of moving parts, the best thing to do is to somehow keep it in place. While Subaru pioneered the engine mount for this specific reason, every car enthusiast can add an engine mount or pitch stop to prevent the engine from constantly moving back and forth.

An engine mount will not only secure the engine but will also deliver better throttle and torque. Since car mods are designed to improve the performance of your car, an engine mount is a no-brainer mod to go for.

Better Air Intake

Power is the motivation why people mod their cars. We mentioned that flashing the ECU will deliver greater power to your car. While some of you are aware that cold air intake can make the difference, you will need to implement a better system to do that. You won’t achieve the same results if you twig small things – you need to go big.

And to do that, getting a high-flow exhaust, upgrading to apart plugs, and combining these two mods with the flashed ECU will deliver better air intake thus achieving greater power gains.

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