Looking To Buy Quality? The 7 Most Reliable Carmakers

Looking To Buy Quality? The 7 Most Reliable Carmakers

Quality does mean reliability in the car world. With so many reliable car makers on the market, how do you chose the best one? While there are indicators as to how reliable a carmaker is, we have an article explaining the 7 most reliable ones out there.

Since driving a reliable car is the deciding factor for 55% of new buyers, it’s even more important to identify these makers. So, let’s go ahead and do that.


Mazda is a well-known name in the automotive industry. The Japanese carmakers are one of the leaders when it comes to producing reliable cars. Going back through the years, Mazda has been consistently producing reliable cars. When it comes to our list, it takes the top spot. The Mazda 6 is quite possibly one of the most reliable cars ever made. When looking at the safety rating of the car, Euro NCAP has rated the vehicle very highly.

The NCAP rating and various other features make Mazda one of the most reliable carmakers in the industry.


Genesis consistently scores very high on many reliability tests. The luxury branch of Huyindai is already becoming a respected name in the industry. Genesis is known for its stylish vehicles such as the GV60, GV70, GV80, and GV90. When looking at the safety ratings, Genesis models such as the GV70 perform extremely high. So much that the car is awarded the 2021 IIHS Top Safety Pick+.


Car enthusiasts are quick to point out that Japanese carmakers are some of the most reliable in the industry. But this next one will surprise a few heads. Buick is an American carmaker most known for its SUV range. But what most people don’t know is that Buick is a very reliable carmaker. This dispels the notion that only Japanese carmakers are reliable.

Buick’s very own Encore and Enclave models score very high on most reliability and safety metrics. So much that it ranks higher than some very notable Japanese carmakers.


Lexus performs much better in all reliability tests than Toyota. Car enthusiasts know that Lexus is the luxury vehicle of Toyota, with the IS and ES models being some of the biggest sellers. As a matter of fact, Lexus is the highest-selling luxury vehicle in the US.

But in recent times, Lexus has seen a few reliability points dropped. That’s why Buick, Genesis, and Mazda are ranked much higher on this list. Although Lexus is a luxury carmaker, they still sell in more than 70 countries worldwide, with the US being the largest market for the Toyota Motor Corporation. Their sedan and SUV line of vehicles also perform very well in most safety tests.

Combine all of these tests together and you have a very reliable carmaker that constantly delivers success.


As we mentioned, Lexus is the luxury range of Toyota. But Toyota itself still knows how to produce reliable vehicles. Toyota is one of the biggest carmakers in the world. With models such as the Yaris, Prius, C-HR, and Corolla, Toyota is the definition of a reliable carmaker.

While their performances have been dropping recently, that doesn’t mean Toyota isn’t the perfect carmaker to buy mid-range vehicles. The Yaris and Corolla perform very well on most reliability and safety tests. With a heavier focus on hybrid vehicles, Toyota will be one of the biggest carmakers in years to come.


So far the list has been dominated by Japanese carmakers. While Buick was a commendable exception, Honda is yet another Japanese carmaker that finds its place on this list. Honda is most known for the Civic. The speedy and reliable vehicle is a fan-favorite among racing enthusiasts. The sports version of the Civic has a reliability score of 84/100 based on JD Power’s tests.

The Civic is Honda’s biggest seller, but other models such as the Accord, CR-V, and Insight also perform very well on most reliability and safety tests.


And the last carmaker on this list is Diahatsu – another Japanese carmaker. This completely reinforced the common conception that Japanese carmakers are building reliable vehicles.

Daihatsu isn’t as big as Honda or Toyota on the international market, but they still sell hundreds of thousands of vehicles on the domestic market each year. With models such as the Sirion, Ayla, and Cuore, Diahatsu is a carmaker that constantly manufactures reliable cars perfectly suited for city life.

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